What is an ad impression

I’ve blogged previously about [various] [page-view] [Web] [visitor] [analytics] [visit] [terms] [pages-per-visit]. Almost all of those would be described as **audience** terms — they describe how people are viewing your site.

Let’s take a stab at some **revenue** terms, starting with:

**What’s an ad impression?**

It’s a measure of the number of times an ad is seen by a user. In that sense it’s almost like a [page view] [page-view], except it only refers to a portion of the page — where the ad is.

The number of impressions is important to several different sets of folks.

* The advertising sales folks need to know how many impressions are generally available on the site, so that they don’t over or under sell.

* The marketers buying ads on your site want to know how many impressions their particular ad, or set of ads, received. They’re likely paying for a set number of impressions and they want to make sure they weren’t undersold.

* The marketers also care about the impressions of a campaign of ads across a variety of sites because that’s a measure of, roughly, how much effect the ads should have on the marketplace. Just as page views are impression of a piece of content’s influence on the marketplace.

An page can contain multiple ads and thus serve multiple impressions per page view. Why would a site put multiple ad units on a page? It’s all about [CPM] [cpm], but we’ll tackle that one [another time] [cpm].

[page-view]: /blog/2008/11/13/what-is-a-page-view/ “What is a page view?”
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  2. keya says:

    nice and informative…

  3. mr blint says:

    If an ad will be invisible until the page is scrolled, is it considered an “impression” even if the page is never scrolled, so that the visitor never actually saw it?

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  5. Arewi10 says:

    nice and good info cheers


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    help me my estimated earning is still at zero.no one is clicking my ads please have look on my website

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