Yesterday’s turkey

Science is amazing. In my seriously novice hands I can take something seriously unappetizing like this:

Brining turkey

And turn it into this:

Roast turkey

The before photo is not of a [Dune navigator]( but is instead our Thanksgiving day turkey breast in brine.

For the curious, our menu consisted of:

* [Roasted turkey] [alton-turkey]: But we altered the brine to be just sugar, salt, vegetable broth, peppercorns and water to dilute.

* [Mashed potatos] [alton-potatos]: Substitute sage instead of garlic, OMG teh awesome.

* Sweet potatos: Marshmallow topped is a Heisel family tradition

* Brussel sprouts: Birds Eye baby sprouts in a microwaveable pouch, I didn’t think I’d eat brussel sprouts till I met these

* Cranberry sauce: Homemade

* Crescent rolls: An Endicott family tradition

* Pecan pie: Homemade as well


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