Get XML coverage reports from nose

When [hooking up Hudson and Django][hudson-django], I needed a way to get XML coverage reports.

At the time I [forked nose][heisel-nose] itself, but I wasn’t happy with the solution. Folks rightly wouldn’t want to use my fork; I don’t want to commit to keeping up with nose’s development; and [duh, they have a plugin architecture][nose-plugins].

So I’m happy to announce [nose-xcover][nose-xcover]. Install it and it’ll add the –with-xcoverage option which you can use alongside the built-in plugin like so:

#nosetests –with-coverage {{ coverage options }} –with-xcoverage
nosetests –with-coverage –cover-package=myapp –cover-tests –with-xcoverage

I updated my [Django and Hudson guide][hudson-django] to use this instead of the fork.

I hope you find it useful!


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